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We focus on providing you with the tools and space needed to work through depression, anxiety, grief, and/or stress. We will develop strategies and practical solutions tailored to you specifically, that will lead to your healing and personal growth. Through various techniques of counseling, we will uncover and resolve the underlying issues which may be causing negative feelings. Together we develop new thought patterns and behaviors to help you reach mental and emotional happiness.

We specialize in helping professional women achieve work-life balance, while removing the enemies of stress, anxiety, depression and grief. Many of our clients are women who have achieved corporate success and happiness by the world’s standards, but internally, they’ve suffered from depression or anxiety due to unhealthy pressure and a lack of balance. Through our nurturing approach and intuitive insight, we are able to identify the underlying issues affecting our clients and help them create personal success plans that lead to peace and prosperity.


OMNE & Co. (formerly L.C. Braxton Counseling) was founded in 2013 by Dr. L. Camille Braxton, DA, LCMHCS, NCC. While working with our counselors, you will develop tools to help navigate through the complexities of life. Everyone experiences the various emotions that accompany life transitions. In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, our trained counselors offer a highly personalized approach tailored to each client’s individual needs.

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Counseling offers you a space to reflect on your thoughts and feelings. Through this process you are able to create a deeper connection with yourself. Personal development encourages growth in your interpersonal and professional relationships. Take the first step to receive the healing you deserve. 

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To become a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor, in North Carolina, one must complete 3,000 supervised clinical hours. OMNE & Co. offers you the opportunity to work closely with a licensed clinical supervisor. Through our collaborative team, you will receive the support needed to be successful. Include us on your endeavor to becoming a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor. 

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“We don’t prioritize our time with ourselves. We rarely set aside moments to be still, to access our center. And the bottom line is, when we don’t focus on our inner light, it dims.”


- Elaine Welteroth



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